OBIMY APP - ERROR 503 - OVERVIEW & what to do

so obi-me app has this a bit annoying issue with this glitch or bark with arrow 503 some people say i was trying to hug my friends send a hug in obami app and it says error 503 so basically for people who don't know this is like an abimi app where you you can send senses to each other but recently it just went in the top chart so as you can see in top charts in all the apps and it has pretty small team and there are like few bugs here and there so the easiest thing you can do is just wait a few hours and try again of course it can it can be super annoying when you just send in a hug to your friend and it glitched and quit so that's like super annoying but what i write here from the developer reviews is that is just servers are overloaded during some periods because there is a influx of users and this app just reached 1 millions user 1 million users just in few days um so and developer team says that it it wasn't prepared actually for that so hopefully they will release some improvements in the coming weeks or months so just make sure to update this app sooner you can always go to the app support tab here in the app store and just go here through our website uh it's also yeah so somewhere here try to reach out to our support you can always just leave uh leave it in the leave some reviews under the app itself and a lot of the viral parts are very responsive here so that's that so let's just also see most recent uh and you can see that there are a lot of people who have the same issue as 500 or 3 error and there is also an error when this app asks to update but then there is no update option you can just open so all these errors are just about the fact that there is a huge influx of users so the best solution is just to wait a few minutes uh close the app so to close the app just double tap and swipe up and try to open it again and then open it again redone load up and just try a bit later usually this app is quite glitchy on the weekends because a lot of people going to these apps and trying to send hugs and virtual kisses to their loved ones on weekends in us so these days the app is quite glitchy on work days from monday to friday as i have noticed it is less glitchy but developers already told that this issue this 500 or three should be fixed because yeah as you can see we have already fixed it check it out so that's that should be fixed because there was again like huge influx of users just like week ago or something so now majority of that should be fixed so try again but this arrow still can appear here and there uh so there is no like quick solution unless you you are able like to wait few weeks and try to update the app unless until there is an update or you can wait few hours try again try again so that's basically what it is right now hope the developer team will fix out this server issue a lot of people can also just can't create an account some people verification code is not arriving some people notifications aren't working so this is a some of the issues with the apps when you know you have a small developer team and out of nowhere like the app starts going viral and you have like millions of users registering and servers just can't handle it and then you just start having all these types of weird issues uh so hope that's clarifying things there is no like clear solution do this click this button or restart your phone because i don't know the app architecture but seems for me i also had some issues i restarted the app opened it up again then waited 10 minutes open it up again and the issue was gone so because that's basically what can be done and as here you exactly see the status code is unacceptable 503 i don't know what to do i deleted the app under it again nothing seems to work and then there is just an answer from tuesday from like three days ago yo we already fixed everything check it out and there are there is developer team is very responsive so you can just uh post a review here and then you will get response so hope that is helpful

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