Obimy app - ERROR 503 - what to do?

i'm just going here through the obimi app reviews so um i did uh yeah a video about this app of be me it's going viral and it's like it's a social media app where you can send vibrations and sense senses to each other but there are a few bugs here and there are a few glitches one of them is that people are getting error 503 when trying to put phone number in and just like what should i do and yeah this this comment gets some likes and people also trying to figure it out uh like in my experience i also couldn't log in because like few days ago it has like an influx of new users probably app wasn't prepared to for that so it has like few bugs i had like a wide screen couldn't log in so just delete the app try to download it again make sure to update to the latest version restart your phone check your 3g 4g wi-fi connection that it works fine restart the app by double tapping and then just swipe up the app that's can help but yeah you can always reach out there to the to the app support here just tap in the app support try that um [Music] yeah something like that the whole point is that it's a small team so there are a few bugs here and there but they're constantly updating the app so just make sure to always update to the latest version when there will be more bug fixes so for example here it just says improves registration flow maybe there were exactly bugs there and now it should be fixed in my case yeah it's it wasn't working like few days ago i updated it and now it seems to work

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