Obimy app - hearbeat won’t show up in the app - error

i'm just exploring here a beami app and one of the things which people are asking that the heart rate heartbeat will not show up in the app and this is the in super interesting feature inside of the app so you can see the like you know some health data if you give access so example you can see a number of steps or uh like heartbeat but and then you can see it in the app but for some people you can't see it so here's actually the developer response to this heartbeat will be able when you have any smart watch devices which share pulse to apple health or google feed then you have to approve or beam you to use this data so something around that so again it only will work if you have any smartwatch device uh so yeah either apple watch or some like android watch devices which can track this data and then you need to approve a boomi to use this data and then it will work otherwise if you only have phone it won't work

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