obimy app - how to create an account?

so here is amazing new trending app which is called uh obi-me so you can interact through simple actions like keys hug touch and share your mood when you're sitting in a boring meeting and your friend hugs you when you and your beloved don't see each other every day and it's important for you to know the mood of your lord once so uh this app is called sensager it's a place where i show my feelings because sometimes words aren't enough it's a new way to flip from a distance for me can kiss hug touch and someone i haven't seen for so long and even more so this is an interesting app an amazing idea this app i think is developed by ukrainian solar indie hacker and developer so that's really amazing and and this um yeah this idea was there for a while because there are also like some hardware and some like devices where you can you know just uh wear like a bracelet or something similar to apple watch and then you can just tap and feel some vibrations so that's the whole device and it's quite popular as well so yeah so let's just create an account here keep an emotional touch you can there are plenty to choose from so here you just need to enter your phone number so okay let me just so that was fast so now you just need to enter your name uh add some first date like finish registration this app might send you notifications and then uh you need to uh yeah access all this data [Music] and then you can just see like your mood and then tap to receive francis okay yeah and then you can just add friends here um you can do like it like that sync contacts you can share your link uh you can see timeline and yeah that's basically it so and then basically i think you can feel like vibrations you know different types of vibrations and you know stuff like that maybe it can be more advanced if it's on apple watch or something around it but i think the idea is pretty interesting

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