so here is a beami app and just from yesterday or something like that my notifications stopped working on this app so when i just for example i just tapped some some sense here and i just want to send it like this there are no notifications and and at this it was arriving before um so i'm sure i enabled notifications in my settings app so if i go to ob me i'm sure that notifications in i enabled i'm not in some focus mode or something like that so that should be working and also i was written in app reviews that yeah like for a lot of people this notification about icon in the top left is grayed out so it's just grayed out and that's what it is um so it identifies that there are no notifications um yeah so what is that i think there is some kind of a bug um because a lot of people are reporting that so you can just tap on your icon tap go to support and send their your obami id and your phone model so if for example you have your iphone just say iphone 10 and or be me id so that's that should be helpful don't just send like the message my notification not working just give developers some information whereas they can start working i'm not sure how to custom how to get your uh profile how to get your beami id that should be somewhere i don't know where yeah okay that should be in your profile and in user id section here you can just copy that so that's what you can do i just write the suggestions in some app reviews on the app store if you have any other suggestions leave them in the comments below

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