obimy app - NOT RECEIVING NOTIFICATIONS - what to do?

um so here's a beamy app and i'm just going through some reviews in the app store um and like one of the issues with this app that people not receive notifications and then in case you have the same issue here's the solution from one of the users like after a while of playing around i learned that you have to send the invite link to each other or else the notifications won't appear i hope this helps for people who are struggling with same issue i suggest adding a warning to new users i also wish for a few more free emotes so there you have it so [Music] you have to send the invite link to each other and otherwise notifications won't appear so at least you need to invite person but i think this user says that the other person should also send in white link to you so that's that's the bug probably um so yeah uh this is how to fix the issues with notifications in the beamy app uh hope this is helpful

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