Obimy app not showing heartbeat - what to do?

so here's the beami app and in top left you should see not only steps but also heartbeat so this is one of the cool features of the app but it doesn't show and a lot of people are actually asking why is that and you can see it also in the in the app reviews on the ios app store some people tell my heartbeat doesn't work and add more emotes please so that's a common issue for a lot of people heartbeat will be available when you have connected any smart watch devices which share pulse to apple health or google feed then you should give permission to view me to use this data so let's just go to the settings so even if when you created a bmw account and um [Music] you gave like access or you can just check probably in the health data or something like here so yeah somewhere you should give access to this data so something like that uh and then here you see data access and devices and you just need to allow a beaming to write but it's not enough because you also need to have apple watch device or some other android phone device like yeah and then you you will be able to track that uh it's not possible to use some you know ios app which tracks your heartbeats or something it won't work so that's just the thing which you need to have but also obemi doesn't have apple watch app um so that's how it works at the moment hope it is helpful again you need to first have a smart watch device such as apple watch or some google feed device and second when you create an account you need to give access to health to obey me to track your steps and heart rate or just heart rate so there you have it

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