so here is quick guide to a beami app it's a first wall sensor app uh where you can send senses to your friends these are the actions that you can feel like he's hug slap bite anything is difficult to put into words so you can share your mood so that's basically it so here is the app i will just try to quickly explain what's the idea of the app and how it works because yeah if you're using it for first time you can't really understand what this app is about but it's going in the in the top charts right now so basically here is your avatar you can easily create an account just use your phone number uh you can basically see your mood but of course the main idea is you're adding friends here so here's how to add friends you just invite someone send an invite while you're creating an account so just do that or you can also share your link and invite your friends to the app so that's basically the idea and then the friend should accept your invite uh so something like that and then let's be in touch i'll see i was just like testing looking at that how it works and then that's the sms your friend will receive so they need to open it up and accept the friend request however though there are some errors in glitches sometimes this link doesn't work but the app is also on android so you can send it also to your android friends and then the friend gets that so if you swipe to the right now you see a list of your friends you can just tap on them and then you just tap on your friend to send a sense so you're not sending texts you're not sending images or voice messages or videos you're just sending this sentence what it means so if you tap on like cloud pinch basically then you will feel that your phone is vibrating uh if you send like a kiss or hug then your phone is very bright and a bit other way and the person which receives that you also feel this kind of like a fun vibration or um yeah what they call sense and there are different types of emotions there are warm playful passion so you can send all of that to your friends or partners or loved ones yeah as i understand then the person who receives that it appears in their timeline and if they tap on that their phone also vibrates in a specific pattern and each of each of these sensors sends a different types of vibration so you are not sending like a text message like hey i like you or something or hey how are you you're just sending like a digital touch and your phone is just vibrating so it's a super interesting concept there are a bunch of apps developed around it and it's like very creative so it's not that boring if you're if you're sending um you know just like a born text message um now then if you go down to your timeline so you just send this census this is a timeline this is imagine this is your friends or partners phone they will see all of these uh sensors which have been sent so this is like uh yeah hack keys hack leak or something like that it's actually also can be pretty funny and then you can also see the mood so you can just tap on the mood and then you can share your mood so your mood can be sad can be okay or pretty good you can change your avatar color yeah you can then upgrade to some other color packs but basically most of the features of the app are free and if you just want like this kind of cool gradient then you just need to upgrade and it's one time purchase of 1.99 so it's not even a monthly subscription so a lot of features in this app are actually free so like case this moment until this app is free maybe they will increase a subscription pretty soon so yeah just share the mood i'm just like it's feeling pretty good and then your partner will receive that in their timeline and also you will get a phone notification that's the idea that's basically it so this app tries to make your phone kind of your touch device even if you're in a distance relationship for example sometimes you can receive this notification or just like a vibration of your phone that someone virtually hugs you or virtually kissed you and that's it and you don't receive any like texts or voice messages so it's kind of additional way to communicate on a distance and it has a huge potential because uh for example imagine if you're using it with your apple watch or like google feed or something like that and this your wearable device just once in a while vibrated or it's just vibrating a different way and you know that this vibration means kiss or this vibration means spiritual hug and it's just very spontaneous and it's very romantic for some people some people still don't get this idea but i think it's coming from asia there are some apps i think in japan or something like that which are doing that and now this trend catches up in in europe and us uh i think there are even some like uh apple like or some specific devices which you can buy like two of them for you and your partner and then they just kind of you can tap on them on your device and it sends a vibration to your partner device even if you're in a very distant uh positions so that's basically the app that's the main feature wise the people think this app is fun and yeah sometimes for me vibrations don't work so you just receive a notification in the app that someone hugged you or something like that but that's still fun uh then there are like closing sizes you can add them here i actually don't really understand this feature that well how it works so basically you can add your height your region your shoe size all of that so maybe your partner can give you a surprise gift so that can work as well but i didn't use that feature that much then of course you can reach out to support you can go to your account you can delete your account if you're sensitive about your data here's your name your birth date um that's basically it so also the app is like as you can see it's very minimalistic there is nothing extra and a lot of people like it about it that you know you don't have this like 10 tabs and like numerous menus so it's very like focused there are still bugs and glitches because there was like a huge influx of users to this app and there were like some servers didn't work and you people couldn't create new account so if you have that issue just wait a few hours try again uh or maybe wait one day try again oh and also take a look at app updates make sure you have the last version uh yeah so that's basically in a nutshell how i understand how this app works there is no apple watch app yet and one of the cool features for this is that you can add steps and heartbeat so as you can see here i just see steps but i don't see heartbeat people really like that i can see heartbeat of their friend but it it won't work if you don't have apple watch device or some google smart watches on wearable which actually tracks your pulse so if you just like having a phone like heartbeat won't work so you need to have apple watch with tracks your heartbeat syncs it to the apple health app or like android similar app and then that should work also when you create an account you need to give access to the like house data you will see a pop-up when you create an account you need to give access to that to track your steps and track your heartbeat and then it will work so again if you just only have one it won't work because a lot of people are frustrated so yeah as you see a lot of potential here especially if there is like this app for apple watch where you can see this senses on your wrist i would say that would be a cool addition as well and fixing this heartbeat issue fixes some of the glitches this can be a really really amazing app but it's a good start and a lot of this stuff i just showed you is basically for free there is no monthly subscription someone would say they can limit number of census which you can send per month like mike you know might you buy like 20 dollars per month if you want to say send let's say more than 10 census per like or 50 senses per month or something but it's free for now so use the moment try it out you can experiment with your loved ones and be more creative and have fun so thank you for watching

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