Obimy app - server error issue - what to do?

when you try to open obimi app it says server error uh it says good app but we have another server issue again not really compliant compliant since the app is great just hoping you know there is reply from developer team i already fixed it please try again it says the reserver error on there but i can't update it already fix it try again so this was just like 22 hours ago so try again because i think the the issue is that there is an influx of users there are so many users in this app as it's going viral especially on the weekends and if you try it on the weekend and if you're based in us during big times um like you know during like uh five six pm and stuff like that yeah it's it will be buggy because i think the app is not yet ready for this amount of traffic so just either try on the workday try a bit later try to restart the app um because developers say that they fixed this issue and this is a bug due to due to large amount of users it's they have some kind of temporary solution in place but yeah there you have it so that's also there is some some issues like when you want to when you open the app it says some update button you tap on that button and then you just redirect it to the open page choose the normal page where it just says open so that's also the same thing developers say already fixed it please try again so that's the idea so yeah it should be fixed now um so try again wait a bit try to restart the app so to restart the app just tap on your home screen and then you can just swipe up uh so something like that and hope it is helpful

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