Obimy app - stuck on update page - what to do?

hello so um there is like this update back in obami app i'm just going here through some of the reviews and a lot of people have that so this user says this app is amazing but i'm stuck on the update page it still says update the app when i clicked it it says open the app and i can't update it it also keeps saying error so usually the the reply is from developer team is that already fixed it please try again had problems it because of the large flow of new users so that's an issue like uh yes this app really went to the top charts of the like of the app store just during a few days and it has like hit million of users really quickly and probably some like technical aspect wasn't really prepared for that and therefore you have this issue when you open a bimi app it says some pop-up update you tap on that button it redirects you here and then it just says open here and nothing happens so what you need to do is just you know just try to wait a bit because especially on the weekends and holidays there is a huge influx of users for this app so try to wait a bit try to restart the app just by doing this like tapping on the home button and then you can just swipe up that's how you restart the app then try to turn on turn off your internet connection on your phone try to restart your phone some of that should work usually you just need to wait a bit because i think there is already a fix for this issue it was because of major influx of new users

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