Obimy app - what is it? Quick guide & explanation

so here's a beaming app a lot of people are asking how this app actually works and what is the hype about i will try to do a quick overview just to have give you an idea of the app and uh yeah the features so this app is called as a world's first sensor meaning you don't only only send texts or images you actually send senses so you create your account with the phone numbers and you can add your friends just by adding your and syncing your contacts this is how you can add friends you can also share your link uh and this how it works uh it's not possible to add friends just by searching the app or like you can do it on instagram because yeah it's just by syncing your contacts that's basically how you add friends then this is your avatar this is your mood which you can share with your friends so you can just tap share your remote okay i'm feeling good okay and in the in the history timeline if you swipe to the left you will see a history of your senses or like this actions you sent with your with your friend um so that's basically your his your timeline but let's go to the main feature so after you added the front by the way you can add it you can rename delete your friends but after you add it you just go to the friend and then you tap on friends avatar and then you can just send this kind of senses and my phone sometimes vibrates to it and there are different vibration patterns and yeah basically you just have all these different emotions like they are warm playful and passionate emotions like low pinch keys hug touch leak playful bite push slap uh cars tickle passion among french key sponge uh so something like that but to get some additional emotions and sensors you will need to upgrade in in the app um so yeah so yeah that's basically the idea and then your friend will receive that as notification or it will appear in the app and yeah it's kind of really fun it sounds like what what's up what's fun about it but uh yeah that's actually for some people it's very creative because you're not sending like some very boring same text messages uh you're in these senses um and yeah this is much more creative for some people than you know sending a picture or sending a text or something like that so you just have this ibm app and you have notifications that someone kind of visually kissed you or hugged you and then you just open that and yeah you see that notification so there is definitely something there in this niche of apps and you know a lot of people especially if you're in distance relationships sometimes it's good to have long conversations on the phone or something like that but sometimes it's just good to know that someone is thinking about you or just cares about you and just sends you a little touch on this app uh first in some situations not all the times of course and i don't know if that if it actually sends vibrations sometimes it does i think it's a good idea to uh to uh like to have these vibrations working because imagine even if you don't receive a notification like a standard notification your phone starts vibrating and this is the way you kind of feel that someone is caring about you and then here you can see you can see all the timeline all the you know what your friend sent to you you can also just tap on the uh on the front icon double tap and this is the way to request a mood so this is what you can do um yeah so that's that that's uh yeah these are the main features basically so this things are called senses and that's why this app is called sensature because you're not sending text or audio messages or video messages you just send in these senses i think it's a huge potential you can develop much more features and then here you have settings uh and then here is your profile you can change your name you can change your burst you can delete your account right from that you can reach out to support here and yes there is no upgrade it's actually free to use for these main features only if you want to unlock additional packs you you need to pay in the app but it's just 1 99 one time payment so it's not a monster subscription so you you can just get that so something around it um so hope this is helpful uh another cool feature is that you can see steps in the top left so when you create an account uh you give access to your house data on apple and then your steps are tracked another cool feature but it works only if you have your uh like apple watch or some other like smart watch device and then you can also track your heartbeat so this is like super popular feature in this app because like if you added your partner or friend sometimes it's super interesting to see the heartbeat and if someone sends you these touches and senses like how it's interesting just to see in the app so yeah it's a very popular feature but again for majority people doesn't work it's not a bug it's just you need to have apple watch a smartwatch connected via bluetooth and then it will work so that's basically it that's the overview i hope you like it please put some likes if you do and subscribe to my channel

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