Obimy app - white screen - what to do?

hello everyone so i'm going through obi-me app and uh this is amazing app uh amazing potential but there are still few bugs here and there uh uh so some people just say that they have like a white screen with notifications popping up saying failures so when you try to log into app it's yeah it just has vice grip white screen and then you can see some like mysql error or something like database error or just like some phone error so in my case i also had that uh i had like you know this few days ago i think on sunday because there was a huge spike of users in the app uh therefore probably there were a few issues here and there uh but then basically i updated the app to the lightest version so here you can just try to update it to the light latest version and then uh yeah try maybe an hour later and then this like widescreen issue at least was fixed and i didn't see errors anymore so at least that you can try to do that so i encourage you not to give up on this app it's amazing team behind it it's ukrainian developers uh yeah i think it's a really amazing idea especially for distant relationships so yeah that's about that

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