hello everyone so i want to open obimi app and i can do it so when i go to obimi i'm just trying to open up the app and log in and create an account and i see this error sql state something i tried on wi-fi i tried 4g tried to uninstall reinstall the app uh yeah so i don't know maybe there is just some issue with the app and there are some bugs i don't know maybe it's just because it's overloaded with the traffic so let's see uh what is the issue there so other than that i don't know how to fix that you can always go to the app and then just try to reach out to app support here so if you go here and then you can just try to reach out to app support so let's see so website is accessible seems like that and it's loading so that's that's fine so yeah there you have a website is loading but app is not loading so that's the issue

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