Obimy error - blank white screen - what to do?

hello everyone i'm just going here through the obimi app issue so i just went into the review section on the app store and it says one of the issues there is that the app is good but every time i try to load the app it's just a blank white screen i tried restarting and deleting the app and now change happened and there is a developer response here already fixed it try again so just last saturday it should be fixed now so the issue probably was just because of the influx of so many users uh this app went viral in us and other european countries all over the world there like they reached millions of users probably the servers just were not ready actually and that's why there are a bunch of errors glitches bugs in this app but majority of them should be fixed so just try again tried to wait this person says that they tried to delete and restart the app didn't help um i also had some kind of like a blank white screen issue so i tried like a few minutes later and it kind of worked then so i logged out tried again and it worked after some period um so yeah that's basically the advice that all that you just need to wait try in an hour trying two hours because there is just an influx of users try maybe on a work day not on the weekend because there are so many more users on the weekend and always just go and observe the like app store page maybe there is an update to the app so just feel free to update the app as well

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