obimy - hearbeat feature doesn’t work - how to fix

so i'm just going here through the ubimi app it's amazing app for a distance relationship you can add each other on this app and then you can send like see each other heart rate see each other's steps or like send like vibrations to each other not text but like you know you tap on the button and then your phone starts vibrating so it's like kind of interesting app uh very creative but one of the most popular features here is that you can see each other heart rate but this feature is not working properly it seems uh some people say that like after using this feature once it was gone and i never saw it again and many people have the same issue i don't know if it's hidden somewhere but i couldn't find it i look forever honestly it was my favorite feature it was a bummer it was gone i saw this as a bug issue so yep uh so i have read some developer responses in in yeah just an app review so like you know your heart rate should be somewhere here in the top left as you can see it's not here so first like two steps you need to do like first step is just uh make sure that you get the permission so if you you just tap house data access and devices or be me and then here you can just allow or be me to write heart rate and steps so that's first you need to make these toggles green and also a lot another issue like which is more important that seems heart rate is only working if you have apple watch or some google feed device on android so if you don't have any watch or any device like that this feature won't work so again if you only have phone this feature heart rate won't work so you need to have either like fitbit or you know apple watch or any other device which is connected to your phone via bluetooth so also make sure that your bluetooth is on and that yeah it syncs your data you can always just go to the health app in the in the ios on the apple and just make sure that the heart rate is tracked there uh if it's tracked there it should be displayed also in the beam app if it's not there then it's not there so you can just go to health app which is a standard app as you can see here i just have like steps and sleep data here but i don't have heart rate data because i don't use like apple watch so that's that's why i don't have you know heart rate data displayed here so that's basically the issue so hopefully yeah it can be solved for you um yeah thank you for watching hope it was helpful check out the beam app it's amazing app subscribe to my youtube channel

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