so here i'm going through the obimi app and if they recently updated to ob mystery zero and seems there is a bug here and the most common bug is that a lot of users are just not getting notification so this is what users write for some reason i'm not getting notification from the app i have it turned on in my settings but the bell icon is great in the app and it can't select it um will it be implemented soon not getting notification so seems there is an issue for a lot of people and developer response for that like what's your iphone model and id so it seems this bug is not for all models so it's just for you know like some selected models um yeah and again but uh we aren't receiving an identification or seeing the action so it honestly defeats the purpose and then developer response from monday just this week is that we are working on fixing the issue so it's an own bug developer team is aware of that at least that's good and yeah so if you just obviously go to uh settings and search for obimi app um make sure that notifications are enabled here yeah you can just scroll to the all apps like here go to obimi app and just make sure that notifications are allowed here so that's uh what you can have i have it there next uh just tap and hold and make sure you're not in some donut disturb or focus mode so that can be the issue as well but other than that yeah notification icon is grey here um so i don't know i can just okay send the keys just trying to see if notification will arrive or i can just do this so yeah because i'm testing the app i should actually get a notification but the notification icon is great so this notification bell in the top left um so yeah because i think a bme app was updated to ob my three zero and like it actually jumped a lot in the charts so you can see number one in lifestyle chart it's about pinterest tinder it's crazy but uh seems there are just so many people maybe there is some server issues something around that anyhow if you have any other suggestions or if it didn't work for you and then the work started working again just leave some suggestions comments i think that could be helpful

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