OBIMY NOTIFICATIONS DELAYED for few hours - my experience

so i'm exploring a beami app and it seems there is an issue with delayed notifications so for a lot of people notifications don't arrive at all it also was the case for me but then i've seen that actually notifications are arriving but they're just being delayed for me for example i sent notifications around 11 p.m and then around 10 11 p.m and then they arrived around 5 50 a.m 1 a.m or something like that so they're just being delivered but um they're just being delayed in my case so if i tap on my friend i send this and then i can see that notifications have just been delayed for for like two hours but that being delivered for me so maybe there is some server issue or because this app right now is in the top charts in the us app store maybe there is some some technical issue i've been to reviews of this app and the developer team says that this issue should be resolved soon and i hope this is helpful

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