Obimy - NOTIFICATIONS ICON GREYED OUT, notifications not working - what you can do?

a Bimi app so my notification icon is grayed out notification Bell in the top left as you can see and seems I'm not getting any notifications I was just curious why it's happening so I'm using a bm30 so it's recently updated app and seems the issue is exactly in this version if you go to the App Store you can search for bm300 and if you go to reviews you can see that it's not only me there are like literally a lot of users who have this issue uh and that's yeah uh if you go to reviews you can see that uh not getting notification um not getting my notifications the developer responses that they're just asking for smartphone model and ID in the app a lot of people just using you know iPhone you can always write to support to figure that out so people not only get the notifications the notification Bell is also grayed out uh so here I'm just getting this so that's something like that and then I have uh profiles notifications so yeah that's the idea of it I don't know how else I would help you out I just can say that this is a small team of developers the recently updated to 3-0 version the app is again in top charts and since there are servers are just crashing or something it's not working I wrapped in the reviews that they are working on some fix uh via email so hopefully that can be helpful if you have have any other solutions to this just leave it in the comments

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