Object Removal - Retouch & fix - app overview

hi everyone so here is interesting app object removal or touch and refix so this is one of the top apps to you know quickly edit your photos and remove some objects so like you don't need to use Photoshop or anything complicated on your phone on just like to do some quick object removals and create some simple Graphics uh or just yeah yeah for example as you easily can see on this example so it seems like pretty complicated to remove that Tower from the from this screen but yeah it you can easily do it with this app and more than 10 million users have trusted object removal for photo retouch object removal is a professional app that helps you to remove unwanted content from your photos so yeah just open it up and then uh yeah you can just try it out so you can easily remove people wipe away unwanted content from your photo amazing filters you can apply some cool filters yeah so uh here's what you can do with this app remove objects photo retouch image filter engineer attached crop file just give it a try so that's what you can do here uh you can also instantly upgrade uh try Sundays for freeze and 59.99 a year or you can upgrade for three months but let's just try it out uh try it out here so for example I just want I don't know okay let's just try with the camera so here is some pencil and I want to try to remove it so if I want of course obviously sorry guys if I want to remove vlogger I need to upgrade but then yeah I just want to remove object smear the object you want to remove and then in the top oops so I'm also just trying this app for the first time with you guys so just uh to see how it looks and works didn't like that one okay let's try again so you you have only one touch here I can change the size of the brush and then yeah let's see how it works yeah there you have it almost there uh uh you know to know what's AI algorithm remove okay that's that's worse uh but yeah here you can still see how it looked before um seems there are some bugs but you can remove people and you can remove text um so yeah you can play with it but you you got the idea I think after a few tries it feels good perfect but already yeah you can see how it works I actually thought that on kind of this white background it would be easier but as you can see there are some shades here and there so maybe it's not that easy so here you can also adjust the photo a bit you can edit the filters you can add the aspect ratio there are all of these filters available and yeah so there are a lot of these other filters blur and focus Stacks draw decoration um so yeah something around that so yeah that's basically the idea and then then you can just save it this photo and you can use it without it the three versions are tons of ads and I guess if you want to export photo you will have a watermark or something like that um yeah so here you have all of these cut out car lots you can create colleges you can upgrade the subscription and then um uh yeah you can also see some recommendations so yeah that's basically the idea of it I hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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