OCTI app - how to use? FULL OVERVIEW

hey everyone so let's go through the octi app which is one of the new metawars apps so to install it just tap get and that's how you can install it on iphone and then you use your face idea.jd and the size is like 121 megabytes so it has only 369 writing but it's already number 10 in social networking category in us app store so it's all about like metaverse so where you can create with items you love and then just create all this amazing content and digital assets i don't know exactly yet how it works but let's just go through [Music] it's a new social apple about using digital words and objects to make creativity limitless easy and fun so let's just open it up and then i can just sign in with apple by the way there are a lot of these new metawars apps like reality avatar app or something like that let's just try again i don't know what can be the issue here okay so now it works so now you can just like type my username and then just use something like this do i have an invite code i don't have it and then you can allow notifications or not invite friends and earn up to 10 000 uh coins so i can just keep that and get notifications oh hey you made it i can see all the time i'll show you around and that's this is sure it's a video feed but it's filled with your creativity okay so it's kind of looks like a tick-tock because of your dream and yeah so that's basically how it looks like it's like a tick-tock but what happens if i do this here collectibles so i can add bio i can create some new uh profile and then i can go to the shop where i can buy all these items i can buy sneaker shoes cosmetics luxory fashions jewelry streetwear and all of that so if i go and buy sneakers i can go through here and see like all of these sneakers like do i really want them and then i if i want to add the collection it's like 2 375 coins and then i can just see all these categories and then i can just see not notify when this item is available and then yeah there are some like oct challenges all of that like hot market items which you can buy i don't know if these are nft so like non-fungible tokens all of that but like it's interesting so i can see here all of that and then i can just complete my profile [Music] so i can follow someone i can go to profile um and then i can see that there are a lot of this like virtual items in the videos and then you can just earn some coins and like you you can follow report a black lock at you can see there are like favorites items you can see the collections the items like and all of that so it's like tick tock but this kind of this augmented reality stuff so it's kind of metaverse app um and that's you that's your profile now you can see here you can log out you can add invite invite friends get invited so this is my invite code so you can just use this code if you're interested so i can of course edit my profile i can't profile picture and all of that um so that's basically that's the app so definitely try it out if you want to have an idea of um of how metawars apps can look like so where you combine all this ar virtual reality features also elements of web 3d of like all this crypto and blockchain it's probably it's not here but it's coming so that's that's about it

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