Official iOS ChatGPT app - where is login with Microsoft?

The ChatGPT app is now available on iOS platform, and many people are wondering about the login process with Microsoft. Several users previously created their accounts with Microsoft through browsers like Google Chrome or Safari, and are now looking for an option to log in to the app using their Microsoft account, so that their chat history and prompts can be saved.

Some users have expressed confusion as to where this option is located within the app. Upon tapping on the "login" button, the option to "continue with Microsoft account" can be found. This has caused a bit of confusion for users, as some apps may have a "login with Google" option, which signifies just a sign-in process for signing into an existing account.

It is essential to note that to preserve chat history and prompts, it is necessary to log in with the same account with which the user initially signed up on the ChatGPT website.

Therefore, if you have been looking for the option to log in with Microsoft on ChatGPT iOS app, it is indeed present but may not be as obvious for some users. Hopefully, with this information, all your doubts and queries about the login process have been resolved.

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