Official, the Relationship app - full overview

here's interesting app called official the relationship app so yeah let's check it out it started to grow in the top charts I'm designed to build healthier relationship uh so here you can just see that find something you both want to do express feelings and send love to your partner uh complete daily check-in stay in tune with other each other emotions learn more about each other create dates for you so something like that feature update we completely designed the daily check-in and made it more functional for you and your partner congrats you are now in a relationship and you want to stay in this relation of yours correct like if you official is built to help couples stay together okay so it's not like a dating app it's more for existing couples help them to stay together if it's official you can increase communication have more fun and be the best partner it starts when you and your partner get official when you get official you can gain access to a ton of convenient easy to use features like plan a day check-in daily questions love buttons uh like experience Communication in new ways by sending virtual hearts kisses and good fights or by pressing I need attention let's deepening the mood buttons so you can try that that's also like a beami app who does it uh so here is the app um this car created dates with your partner girl closer and learn more about each other document your relationship together and then you can just create an account uh yes so you can sign up it's either with email or uh phone number so something like this you can also just enter some referral code which I don't know what that is so here you have it and then yeah you can just enter kind of your name I'll just like you some like test account so there you have it and then you can just choose your gender uh and then you can just enter so that then you can just add this and then you could select either you're in relationship or you are single for example so then you just see here you can enable or disable notifications connect and play robot check-in plan a day look back feel proud notes uh upcoming so then you can share this code to your partner and invite your partner and then basically set up mood also there is like a uh there is like a still couple profile so again seems this is not really like a dating app uh this is this is the app to grow relationship in your existing uh uh in your existing couple so it's not like Tinder it's not like bumble so it's a different app yes so kind of pretty cool uh hope you like this idea and thank you for watching

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