Okta Verify app - how to use? App overview

so to install octa verify app just tap get and then you can use your touch id to to verify to install the app or your face id and this is this app is similar to like google authenticator um and then yep you can just open the app and then get started when you access your organization and view to confirm your identity and then you can just add an account you can choose the account the type you would like to add either work school or other like facebook or google and then you need to scan the qr code provided by the service or enter the key manually or [Music] do you have your qr code make sure a qr code is shown on another device such as laptop so yep you can use that and then you can use organization sign-in url if it's provided to you so this app is kind of like an alternative to you know google authenticator or microsoft authenticator if you don't like these apps you can try out this one for example google authenticator it's quite popular but it's quite hard to move accounts from one device to another and yeah so there are some issues iphone with that app so yeah some people prefer octa so that's basically what it is uh you can change theme here as well you can send feedback and then there is some beta app um and octa apps are quite um you know like well known in this verification and security niche so this is not just some random developers this is like a known brand in this area so yep that's that um hope it is helpful

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