Olympics app - full overview & how to use?

okay so how to install olympics app so here is the app um yeah you just go to the app store and then tap get um it's size 1 271 megabytes you need to confirm with your touch id of ice id or password and then you can just see all the highlights you can see the schedule you can see the some articles publications overviews wine news and i think you can also see like uh medals scores so which country has the most wins and models and all of that so it's the one app which is just updated for every olympic games so it can be this olympics or next olympics i'm not sure if it's only for summer olympics or it's also for winter ones and it's also the f4 paralympic games as well so let's see if it's loading so as you can see it's quite heavy app then you need to stop to continue you need to accept then here is just apple settings you can choose either to track or not to track then you just need to select the team you are supporting here so for example you just select and then you need to select your favorite sports and all of that so just you can enable notifications you can also enable uh notif to be notified about ticket information and all of that you can skip um so yeah here you can also try to create an accountbut it is also possible to see the app without an account and here you will see all the live blogs so for example you just can see that jokovic was eliminated from the tennis tournament which is quite big news you can see all the featured content you can see all the highlights these are just like the articles i'm not sure if there are like videos here so just an overview then you can just see schedule so which is super cool so for example for today you can see all the sports and want to see them you can yeah um of course i think the time is in the in the tokyo time which can be like 13 hours or so i ahead of united's like behind the united states so if i go here like what will happen so yeah you can just see the schedule and the timings of the live kind of in the live blog format then of course you can see all the models model standings so for example you can see the china the first now usa is the third japan second you can see the latest news latest videos and here you will just see this general uh just highlights um so you won't see the full live translation but probably you will see just like the highlights of the top events which can be enough but of course if you want to see the lifetime schedule streaming you need to go to your national country channel and because there are like official broadcasters in each country here in the top you can switch to paralympic games again you can see all the schedule and [Music] results you can see all the athletes here so for example you can just go and you can see all the like country of borrowers like events and results all the ranking of the schedule and then you can see all the highlights all the information so if you are a fan of specific athlete or specific team you can just follow them here so that's super cool ceremonies opening closing ceremonies then you can also see here um all the wine news so if you are in tokyo right now and you are enjoying these games you can just see all the venues and where to go how to navigate through that so that's cool and then you can just log in to have your account here but i don't know if it's like um olympic id or maybe it's just an account for everyone so that's that so that's the app basically uh super cool just and one place one easy app to follow all the highlights from olympics because even if you are watching on your channel there are just some cards from different events and you can't just watch everything all together so therefore it is a nice place to uh yeah there is also something like fun zone for which you will need an account uh maybe these are just some like tests and there is also something like world lands which i don't know what that is actually so yeah this is just some funny game i guess so try it out as well so really cool app actually and of course of course you can follow your country you can follow your sports here you can get yeah so if you want to go to your sports for example if you're following athletics you can just yeah you can just organize this app that you are following all the top sports in your area so that's basically it thanks for watching hope it was helpful

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