hello so here is the new trending app which is called homage random video chat it's in the top charts in us play store in your app store sorry um yeah probably because it's just similar has similar name to omegal which is the original random video chat app so we will just do a quick overview how the app looks like with just fyi you should be careful with these apps as bunch of them are like pretty scammy actually and if there is no profile verification uh yeah it will be it's it's pretty scammy so but sometimes there are really good ones so here you can have one video chat is millions of exciting new people uh you have location and gender filters you can have private and save chats video chats and there are only 45 writings also seems it's like some non-us app then you can just sign in with apple sign in with account and you see that like this app is actually has another name my chat but i think it was yeah okay and you can see here that it it's lit like pretty spammy i mean not that like good profiles i think actually the name of this app was renamed to omash to stay in top of the us app store and then you can start here just start matching if you want too much you need some jams and then you can buy them here like for like you can buy for 99.99 you can buy 70 2100 so yeah something like that so yeah then you have friends you can add a friend here you can see your fans and then you can just smash and see global all the accounts so just again be careful all these accounts can be just bots and all of that and then you can also edit your account your nickname signature all of that so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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