Ome.TV app overview & how to use

hello so here is this cool app which is called omtv live video broadcast so you can just tap get to to install this app and as you can see it's number 189 in social networking category um yep and yes this app size is just 18.4 megabytes and the idea of this app is super cool that you can broadcast live content from your mobile easy and quick go live on facebook youtube email twitch and other platforms so let's just open the app and see how it works you need to give access to your camera and microphone and then yep you can just broadcast full hd you need to enter your stream host stream key uh and then basically hi did i get your attention broadcast then on on all that platforms [Music] so yeah you can try that and then you have filters uh at your watermark facebook stream key and here you have just some settings like for example if you want to get on youtube right click your avatar in the top right corner of the youtube setting and then select creator studio you will find your stream key in the live streaming section under the encoder setup so here if i just select facebook or like youtube is just automatically source my first part here stream host and then stream key you just enter that and then you can uh start a broadcast and then you can just go live from this app so that's it and you can do it from facebook youtube to each email and you just tap this button in the bottom show zoom control there are much of ads here but that's how this app is monetized so there you have it but anyways a useful app so there are a bunch for streaming apps there is like restream app that's called restream but maybe it's not that powerful on mobile here you can just start to stream and start streaming to multiple broadcast multiple platforms um hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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