OmeTV app Video chat alternative quick overview & how to use

here's om TV app video chat alternative now this app on also has some like dating feature that's why probably just going in the top charts let's just explore it so here is the app you just easily create your account with with Apple ID and that's how your account looks like it's like very basic you can add your profile picture Edge you can change your country add some nickname you can delete your profile if you want and then you have the search tab where you set up filters in top right top left and then set up country and then you can just reach out to someone or follow someone you can try to message someone all of it is for free however on these apps you should be quite careful because yeah there is a lot of spam and some low quality accounts and all of that and then you have all this like on TV where you can search users and then just participate in kind of like chat through light video chat roulette and speak with random people so that's like this kind of app where always like very popular and skyrocketed in top charts in the App Store but uh yeah um that's what it is and then you have your favorite people who fired at you or you five already them and then you can unlock with VIP pass uh and that's like ten dollars 10 euro per month and you have one week free trial and then you can basically see who liked you similar as on Tinder and then uh yeah that that maybe you can reach out to them and all of that get more attention send up to 10 messages daily unlock his VIP pass so that's what you can do hope this is helpful

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