OMGG LIVE video chat - app preview

um here everyone so here is this interesting app omg hop on uh live video chat my chat discover there are so many apps in this category but let's just quickly go through this app how it can look like wanna meet new people wanna make some new friends do you want to meet the specials or just wanna have some fun uh you can fully use this uh app free of charge there are no limitations and just uh yeah so let's just open it up and see how how it works in case you want to install it or you want to try it out and yeah a lot of these apps are of low quality to be honest oops so here's the app and there are a lot of you know like weird accounts and all of that uh but yeah okay seems seems it's uh so okay here are some previews of the app i don't know why it's not opening maybe it's just doesn't allow to create videos about it anyhow okay so i'll try to do some other video around it uh okay so it has only like 300 plus ratings 4.2 out of 5 average rating not that bad for this kind of apps and this app just recently appeared in the in the app store uh you can use it for free but then you need to get gems and usually jams needs to be used to get a match or to text someone or something like that but anyhow okay uh it's it's not working yet so if you have used this app if you have any concerns around it just leave it in the comments below i'll try to create another video

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