OMNY mobile app - is it coming?

here is omni app um so it's trending so enjoy the convenience of contacts contactless in every borrow tap and go with your preferred payment method choose how when and where to pay the fire so credit card debit card prepaid card um tap your contact less credit debit ordeable reloadable prepaid card at any omni reader and be on your way no need to do anything in advance so ios app is not there yet omni is a complex contactless fire payment system for public transportation in new york you don't have to sign up or download an app to use omni simply use your contactless credit debit card smartphone wearable device omni will eventually combine fire payments and ticketing across subways buses per transit and commuter rail so they're working to a full rollout in 2023 you can still use metrocard etix and other fire solutions uh so yeah you can just use that on the subway and the omni app uh yeah many apps should should be coming soon um so there were so many i was just like doing some research so you can use still you can write the mta with apple pay in in the wallet app but yeah seems mobile app will be coming later and then you can always reach out to the omni support here yeah so that's the idea yeah so at least that hope it is helpful i don't have that much in size but seeing it will be quite a big app maybe so it's just interesting to know

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