OneRoof - Meet your neighbors - how to create an account & app overview

here's interesting app which is called one roof meet your neighbors let's try to install it so imagine this app as kind of like a whatsapp group or like weiburg group chat or you know facebook group for for your building or for a condominium whenever you're living for your maybe like area a chat for people living in the same building so this is a chat that specifically focus on this exact niche and yeah it's it's kind of looks a bit like slack you know but it's it's very focused on on like you know hanging out with your neighbors and solving some issues together you know if there are some issues some announcements and it's like a group chat app with one roof you can meet people in your building and make new friends in no time it's a fast and easy way to chat and meet your neighbors to get much based on your interest like running a cooking and chat with them either in groups or by private messaging chat with your neighbors in exchange thoughts explore different topics ask questions it's a fun way to meet people new building chat with your neighbors and exchange thoughts it's a fun way to buy sell items from each other organize dog play dates as a neighbor to dog seat find the gym body at 10 board game nights do clothes swapping organize events and so let's just open up the app so let's just get started so then you can just create an account and then uh so then you need to enter your building code check if there is one roof address in your building you only use to verify you live there and then you can just then you can just confirm then what interests you uh you can select either adventures board games bookworms movie lovers home chefs music fans okay travelers [Music] which do you have one to have and now you are inside of the community uh so here is how the app looks like there is like intro introduction room so you can do that then there is general channel then there is like town hall you can then there is like buy cell partner pet parents travelers feedback and then there are also other channels here which you can join and there are some like discussions where you can create a message and then there is your profile like moving out then you can just join another community and all of that so that's basically the idea and there are all these all these chat rooms here then you can just add you can add more neighbors uh you can invite people you can invite people using free posters personal mail invites and so yeah this is the way to do it and then you can also create a new group a new chat channel so hope this is helpful thank you for watching

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