Only 3 hints in NGL app…

In the NGL app, users are experiencing a puzzling limitation - they can only access three hints. This unexpected restriction has left many baffled and wondering why they are unable to access additional information.

Upon reviewing the NGL Pro version, it becomes evident that this limitation is present, displaying only three hints: time sent software and NGL ID. It is unclear why this is the case, as some users are able to access more hints while others are restricted to just these three.

It is important to note that this limitation seems to vary among users. While some are left with only three hints, others are able to access six to seven hints. This inconsistency raises questions about the underlying cause of the issue and why it affects certain users differently.

To address this concern, it would be beneficial for NGL app developers to investigate the root cause of this limitation. Identifying and resolving the issue would not only provide a more consistent user experience but also enhance the functionality and value of the app.

For users who rely heavily on hints within the NGL app, the restriction to only three hints can be frustrating and limiting. As such, it is essential for the developer to take this feedback into consideration and work towards finding a resolution.

In conclusion, the NGL app currently limits users to only three hints, while some fortunate ones are granted access to additional hints. The reason behind this discrepancy remains unknown. By acknowledging and addressing this issue, developers can create an improved and more inclusive user experience.

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