here's interesting app which is called only widget home screen front group picks your front groups on your home screen see what your friends are up to share more messages that happen never miss them comments from your groups write group shots with friends uh yeah so interesting app probably heard about another app in this category which is called locket widget where you basically take a photo of your camera install the widget on your phone your friends install videos on their phones and then search for send photos to each other only is the front group for the widget for your home screen share daily picks privately with your closest friends see what everyone's up to and collect memories with the ones who matter most only opens right in the camera so you can Capture Moments to share instantly so yeah but this app is uh has another Focus seems it's it's aiming for some group shots and group picture so interesting to see that uh ask your friends Depot speaks together and everyone speaks to get Martian tools so that's the core feature why this app is different from locket widget which is one of the like top apps in this category so let's just explore that as you can see this app is climbing in the top in a lot of app stores uh it has 176 170 6 megabytes size so it's pretty large app uh so yeah let's just open it up if I need an account or anything and then and then I can just continue and let's just you can give access to contacts you can allow notifications it might be like be real and then you can just add uh add like this app to the home screen so to do that okay they have very handy video which is very cool so just up and hold app starts jiggling and then I can from here I can have it this is this is the big one uh and then there's custom widgets and then there are groups widget so let's just add the smallest one the simplest one and here is the only widget which I can beat added I can choose specific group all groups default and yeah your widget will show pics from your friends as soon as I post so here I just have a camera I can take a photo I can create a new group uh then I can just create some group and then I need to send okay then I need to invite friends over here I can then just select the group and send it to their uh and then you can also give access to your photo library and there you have it so now you just send this peak to a group uh yeah I don't know what that is this is some additional emoji and then you can also take a group shot you can see your feed here you can see a groups foreign s and here you have settings it's easy to delete your account which is nice there is also like some scrollable widget which you can add here and then you can edit widget and then foreign specific group and then you can just basically scroll it I guess or okay so then you can just add widget over widget and then it becomes scrollable so I didn't know that so that's pretty cool feature so you can do that so yeah it seems it's still a bit glitchy um so yeah only widget and that's how it's working so yeah I hope you have a glimpse an idea of uh of it and you can also take your photo change your photo from camera create photo Dom and then you can just select Peaks uh anyways so that's basically how it works uh yeah so this app is kind of a combination of locket widget and be real because here you also have your all your memories so that's basically it hope this was helpful

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