oPay app how to create an account?

hey there here's interesting app called ope we are Beyond banking oppai is licensed by CBN insured by ndic entrusted by our 18 million users is an instant account opening with your phone number manageable payments for one app Android free transferred and transaction bonuses free debit cards with bonuses virus flexible saving tools and yeah all of that so it's like one of the top finance apps it's constantly in the top charts flexible Siamese daily interest and unlimited withdrawals for free and it's powered by Blue Ridge micro Finance bank and up to 15 annual interest on our wealth free debit card manage all payments from one app using an instant account opening licensed by this CBN and insured by an DC and then yeah you can just type create your account um so yeah here to create new account you can just do it from the app uh you can select your phone number I'm just curious if it's possible to select different country code um so it seems it's not possible to select other country code so you can only use this number so it's a bit weird but yeah there you have it that's what it is at the moment uh yeah so that's that uh yeah so anyhow that's how you create an account it's good that you can create it just from the um from the phone but you can't um use any other country code

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