OPEN APP - LET’s be open - HOW TO USE?

here's open chatting app and you can see how it looks like the idea of it is that um you add your contacts but they're all anonymous uh everyone is anonymous and new conversations from friends and friends of friends are added here so you can just uh yeah you can just send some messages here and then just enjoy these conversations which are very kind of relaxed or anonymous and then you can just start a new group conversation you can add your friends here but you need to invite your friends from your contact list first then you can just send and then here you have settings you can delete your account if you're still sensitive about your data you can see all the blocked users and then you can again connect your contacts and yeah there you have it [Music] and then you can message here so that's basically the idea um yeah that's the app this is how it's called like open let's be open chat honestly with friends and as you can see it's growing uh in charts and social networking it's number 167 so it's like in top 200 apps um [Music] be open and honest about yourself be kind and supportive of others um and it brings more liberation because of this transparency and because of um that um everyone is anonymous and you can just open up some anonymous conversations with your friends i don't know if it's a good idea in all occasions maybe sometimes it can even ruin your friendships but that there you have it

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