OptN - your college connection - app overview

hey everyone here's interesting app option if I pronounce it correctly your college connection so this app is helpful to find colleges but also to meet friends and it's it's in social networking category so in case you you're searching colleges you want to apply uh for some but also you want to meet some people in the process and yeah create a community and all of that and participate in forums uh want to find a roommate to find the college that is best for you so that's basically the app for that often promotes promotes a high school students to colleges and fosters connections between new students uh so yeah basically that so you can just open the app here you can allow notifications and then you can just sign up IO high school student college student High School grad College alumni parent student and then you can just sign up uh just follow these instructions a great username and then just uh finish all these fields so that's basically the idea uh uh how you create an account it's not possible to create an account with uh with your Apple ID Facebook or Twitter Google and seems you don't need to have like a high school email address so it can be just normal in my address

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