ORCA token overview - where to buy?

hello everyone so can you get rca crypto on on coinbase so let's just discover that so if let's just search in coinbase app or rca rca so you can see there are some like movements recently uh yeah so you can see the price here and uh yep as you can see trading not yet available or say solana token that governments are also decentralized exchange also aims to enable low fee near instant token swaps using an automated a market maker mmm one of the exchange users supply tokens to liquidity pools and algorithms start market prices bison supply and demand or say can be used to vote on the future of the protocol so not tradable yet but it is a solana token it's not ethereum token if would if it would be ethereum token probably you could get it on coinbase exchange uh but yeah it is what it is right now uh so yep uh in case let's just explore where can i get it if i just go to coin deco or coin market cap app and then let's just search for rca so not there yet and there you have it uh so where can you get it so get io and then of course on rca exchange and kraken coin x m x global yeah so hope that can be helpful it's an interesting token

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