Osmosis Exchange overview

okay so here is osmosis exchanged it's recently stranded in the cryptocurrency topics news which people are searching around um so yep here you can just and there you have it so they also have their own uh own token osmo osmosis so you can also get that uh so let's just try to connect wallet here uh you can just do it through through wallet connect and then you can just scan the qr code and here so here you can just trade assets you can see all the pools active pools you can see a small price incentivized pools uh different pools you can see all the assets uh which you can use deposit and withdraw um then you can stay quote and then you can see stats so that's the idea so that's how the app looks like um yeah uh so that's basically it if you using what is connect then you can just also use kepler wallet or through the uh just scanning this qr code

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