Otherside.xyz pre approval - what you should know?

so here is a new uh project from uh yuga labs who created board apps and there is a new project called other site mata and they are just releasing seems like a new collection and you need to pre-approve your key qyc wallet to spend a coin at other site xyz pre-approval will be open until 9 00 pm eastern tonight at which point meeting opens reminders to for april apron your wallet is necessary in order to mint you can approve your wallet when you meet tonight i highly recommend you do so before to reduce gas fees you must pre-approve the wallet you completed the ky series uh you will only need to pay gas fees once you connect your wallet click on the approve button and sign the transaction that's it if you're holding board apps you don't need to pre-approve in order to claim but you will need to pre-approve if you want to meet additional other deeds during the sale be safe other side xy that is the only place for to pre-approve your wallet and i mean anything else is a scam you can also check out faqs and you can join the other side discord so there are some there are some bugs and issues um so that's basically that but here is just a quick information for you in case you are interested in this nft project

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