P92 - decentralized Twitter alternative from Meta - what is it?

so what is p92 which is the code name for a new decentralized app from meta so yeah it says Mata is working on a new text based social network that's also decentralized similar to Mastodon according to report from money control the app is called name p92 it will use the Instagram branding and users will be able to register to it with their Instagram credentials we are exploring Standalone decentralized social network for sharing text updates he believes there is an opportunity for a separate space for our creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests and yeah and then you can see that it it will according to the report the new platform will support activity Pub to centralize social networking protocol used by Mastodon the video streaming service peer tube and other decentralized platforms uh uh this will allow p92 to be interoperable with with Mastodon and other services to use this protocol so this is like the thing which is happening right now there is Blue Sky app from Jack Dorsey which is also decentralized but it's based on at protocol then there is another app uh like this one of course there is Mastodon then there is damus app is based on nostril protocols or a bunch of those um So the plan is that the minion product will definitely allow users to broadcast posts to other on other servers it may or may not enable our users to follow and view the content of people on other servers it will be interesting to see a matter in price decentralized social networks after spending years building an empire walled Gardens like Facebook uh uh yeah so there you have it um so that's that uh interesting uh Mastodon continues to lose users uh but yeah there is definitely a trend where people want to to make sure that you know there is some decentralization and not just one person one platform controls all their followers all their posts so yeah let's see how it goes on

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