PACASO home sharing app - what is it and how to use?

hey so what is picasso app um this is the website and you can also install the app so let's just try to go through it so picasso tab cat use a touch id to install and yeah the idea of this app is um it's actually super smart so you can get a second home for like basically super small price for like one eighths or one tenth of the price this app is about second home so the idea is that it's like a vacation home which you can share with your friends or some other people and and you don't need to stay there like all year so you can just have some this vacation home in amazing like paradise destination of course you stay in your main apartment or main house but sometimes you just want to go there like and you just share the ownership with other people and then i think the idea is that you can just plan your vacation okay i want to go on vacation in july someone else wants to go in august or someone else in september in june and you just have these time slots and you just decide okay i want to spend like three four weeks in that house but all other uh part of the year i actually don't need that house why do i need to buy it like for massive price so that's where the picasa apps is super useful um so their streamline process offers you all the benefits of home ownership is less hassle as in expense we provide ongoing professional management so you simply show up relax and enjoy so yeah that's the app so let's just open it up so it's kind of like uh similar to airbnb but uh yeah it's just home like shared home ownership so for example here you can see this uh house like this is just amazing house which is available now you can see like four baths four five bus three thousand square feet a whole home price is like 8.6 million that's like a lot um but your ownership is just 1.2 million so one heights of ownership [Music] and then you can just see that amazing house here you can just have like 3000 degrees tour which is amazing you can see the exact location so where is located yeah so um then you can see the videos and then you can see how the priced 1 8 share so purchase price home upgrades and closing picasa service fee 135k and then similar homes near b you can see that so i think that's really cool idea like if you really enjoy for example some place and you want to own a house there but it's like super expensive you then can just get like one-eighths of that house you can sell part of all of your home you can sign up sign in so really cute idea here then you can just add the favorites you can get full access you can search and filter so for example here you can just get like it for 400k per share so yeah that's kind of cool um so there you have it that's the idea um that's the app okay let's try to create an account so i think yeah this app is only like um only for us residents probably because this is where it works okay so i'll just try to show the sign up process hmm then you just need to enter a dream destinations so you then dance your profile and there you have it your profile so super easy to create [Music] so that's the app i hope it was helpful you can always reach out to support and then just connect here so hope that was helpful guys leave any other comments reviews what do you think about this app or about you know the whole idea i think it's actually super cool so yeah thank you a lot for watching like and subscribe visit my website visit my podcast mr hakia                                                                                                                                                                        

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