PAIRED APP: Couples & Relationship - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

so here's interesting app which is called pirate couples and relationship um so it's interesting app for growing your relationship and and this app you can add yourself and your partner and you can just grow together this app is especially really good for you know improving some vibes some communication misses something like that so in this app you can lower more stress less parrot is your guide to improve communication stay connected and deepen intimacy as a couple with daily questions feature you get a fun question to answer every day with your partner each question comes as a research-based fact of why answering it will help your relationship and only by answering the question yourself can you unlock your partner's answer so yeah so that's about it so answer fun research based questions with your partner each day to bring you closer together new questions are available daily play couple games uh pair your partner's app by sharing your unique codes with each other there are a lot of couple exercises so yeah and they also said that this app is not you know still it's kind of fun and it's not like a super serious like uh house advice or stuff like that but yeah it can boost your relationship or you know what just you can experiment with it anyhow this is the app this is how the home screen looks like this is a free version because they offer also like a paid subscription so here you can have some like welcome games uh you can have like so favorite things answer five questions on your and your partner favorite scene when your partner answers the game you will get a score based on how well you guess their answers compare your scores and challenge your friends if you wish so for example i want to place this it's movie night which would you pick uh which would you grab first you and your partner win a free gift which would do a peek so and then just select what's your favorite thing to do um so something like that and then now answer the same questions about your partner and then uh you can just explore that for example that's what you can do now pair with your partner uh to compare answers with them and then you need of course to invite your partner so to invite partner um yeah of course you need to add your profile photo and then you can share your code with your partner so they can just enter this code and that's basically how that might work so yep that's the idea uh in top right you have this fire icon which is like strike uh you can see your activity calendar and that's the idea that like you know one once in a while just doing these quizzes just answering some of these questions and stuff like that and yeah by doing this you are not like running away from your relationship you keeping it active uh you have this uh yeah these ideas around it um so that's yeah and it helps out a lot of people because you know if some partner is shy or there is some issue or you know all of that this kind of like stupid abs can maybe really help and maybe you know you go into some like couple therapy or stuff like that or even if you don't know if you have like very healthy and balanced relationship this kind of app can boost in it so then you can also explore you can explore different conversation increases by different areas communication conflict intimacy connection meaning gross money finances fun excitement i'm in work family and friends questions game exercises back squeezes then you can see some conversations by expert so you can see yeah uh [Music] answered unanswered so but to see that you need to sign up for uh for paid subscription there is a free trial uh you can [Music] you can start his seven day free trial and then that's 74.99 per year six or 25 cents per month for you and your partner so that's that um also you have chat here pair with your partner to discuss your answers here so basically you can just invite your partner and this is the special chat just for this app of course you're chatting a lot with your partner on whatsapp or messenger or whatever but here you can just discuss these questions have fun maybe you can just have some area where you disagree with each other and you can take a quiz in it and have conversation around it then also you have answers and previous games here in this section which you can try then there is us a tab in the bottom right where yeah you can see all of the details where you can add car photo profile for a couple anniversary you can add personal information you can add some couple information so here you can do that you can add profile photo you can add some special day you can see your activity your calendar and your badges you need to complete challenges to start earning badges so here you can just you know the more active you are the more badges you have it's more like a gamification area and then you have this jira icon in top right uh where you can edit your personal information you can edit your name like add some additional information you can add some information here what happens if you really want to try and sign up for premium all an original daily conversation every day thousand plus couple questions quizzes and games all the relationship exercises from experts uh yeah and because some of the exercises as you have seen were locked and you can only access them with a premium then what else there is like a screen lock when enabled you will be prompted to use your device's security settings to unlock part each time you open the app so you can do that you can contact support here just tap in the top right to open the ticket and you can do that if you are not happy with the app you can just delete your account but be careful here uh you're deleting all of your data progress and the relationship history is impaired if you are part with your partner they won't be able to see your answers anymore if you have a premium subscription you will still need to delete it from your apple google id so that's basically it and to delete an account just switch this toggle on and tap delete my account in the bottom so something around that and after tapping this button your uh your account will be deleted that's it so just be careful if you have been using this app for a long period with your partner uh yeah your account will be deleted with all the history and all of that so just be careful there but it's good that the app offers this possibility to delete right from the app i don't need to reach out to support many times like you know all of that um yeah so that's the app basically um uh it's it's recent times it's in top charts in the in the app store for different categories 34 000 reviews 4.7 out of 5 average rating um [Music] it says some like critical reviews like you have to buy everything but it says great for communication my partner and i have been using this app for almost a year and we both have a lot of fun using it it's definitely improved over the last few months and i think it's great to serve a couple trying to communicate great fun but way too expensive it just says yeah some people are unhappy that you need to upgrade for a lot of features uh just very expensive doesn't work a bit limited force charged yearly uh so it's there are people complaining that there is usually like just yearly charge instead of just monthly so yeah the main disadvantage to be honest is that it says it's it's a bit too expensive um so there you have it so you need to acknowledge that and you can also lose your history if you lose phone and stuff like that so yeah you can always reach out but anyhow definitely good app and maybe it's expensive but can be a good investment to investigate some communication in your relationships and hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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