so here's parrot app for couples and relationship questions quiz games um couple exercises so that's the idea of the app like to keep your relationship in better shape um yeah so you can connect with your partner every day and to create an account you can do it with email or use your apple sign up i just do it with apple pretty fast and then uh yeah let's just open account was created you can subscribe to our newsletter then you have uh yeah so there's that so then you just need to enter a first name you can add your photo uh so there you then you can pair with the partner so here you can see all the you can receive notifications and then you can start a free trial i don't know if yeah so but you can also try out like the free version of the app i guess it's pretty limited um so that's basically the idea and then you have like all these welcome questions uh you can write this answer and i guess some of these answers are shared with your partner and then you can explore all the topics all the conversations uh and then you have this free trial and then you have chat uh you can chat just with your partner here you can see answers and then you basically it keeps you engaging with your partner and it's like a couple therapists and then you can just engage and explore like different options and all of that so then uh here you have your profile basically it says us profile you can add cover photo because you need to also add your partner here then there icon in in top right and then yeah so then you if you want you can delete account you can contact support from here um yeah so here you can just add some details and that's basically how it works so yep um hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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