The "Are you still listening?" message appears when Pandora detects that there has not been any interaction with the player for a while.

This is in place to avoid playing music to empty rooms and helps reduce our streaming costs. Since we pay full royalties on every song we play, having a timeout interval enables us to prevent streaming endlessly to unattended devices. Ultimately, it allows us to offer a free radio service and to maintain the current prices of our subscriptions.

When you encounter the timeout message, simply click or tap anywhere on the Pandora music player to continue listening.

To limit timeouts and to avoid Are you still listening in Pandora you can upgrade to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium, which allow you to listen for longer periods without interruptions.

Pandora Plus subscribers have longer timeout periods than free listeners, and Pandora Premium subscribers have longer timeout periods than Pandora Plus subscribers.,helps%20reduce%20our%20streaming%20costs.


hello everyone so what to do this Pandora are you still listening message so basically this message appears when Pandora detector has not been any interaction with Pandora player for a while is that on your mobile app or are you using some smart TV or stuff like that so if you didn't there wasn't any interaction you will see this message so while they are doing that because they want to reduce their streaming costs they both pay full royalty on every son is playing and they just want to prevent endless streaming to unattended devices ultimately it allows them to offer free radio service and maintain the current prices of subscription so yeah but this message can be pretty annoying if you don't have an interaction so you just put there and then you have this message again and again so what you can do is just I recommend to upgrade to Pandora plus or Pandora premium which will allow you to listen just for longer periods without interruptions so under our plus subscribers have longer timeout peers and free listeners and Pandora premium subscribers have even longer timeout periods and Pandora Plus subscribers so they really have it so if you don't want to have are you listening notifications too often you need to just subscribe to Pandora premium Pandora plus so hope it helps

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