ParityDeals app - what is it?

okay so what is party deals uh so i just seen someone mention that on twitter and seems it's super interesting service it's it's going viral for some companies uh it's uh y combinator backed company so the idea is that you can set up dynamic pricing to boost your sales conversion so basically you know for example you have ecommerce store or you're selling courses and usually you can provide a discount during holidays or like you know during some specific occasion or maybe during like you want to boost your sales and have like you know some any other like weekly sales or you want to have different pricing in india or something like that so um yeah just how it works enter a product name and website url you can select discount rules select predefined discount rules for different countries and customers you can also change like the design based on that you can create all these banners manage your sales performance you can see solutions like location deals uh time-based flash deals so all of that basically uh what you can do here interesting uh yeah interesting idea uh uh purchasing power parity so depending on the location you can set up like how many percentage off uh so that's cool so uh one set of rules is that you can do it based on purchasing power parity based on location then you can set up holiday discounts for example for christmas holidays for like for you know easter holidays all of that and then time-based discounts flash deals uh to attract uh like people more aggressively if you have some flash style for for like three days and you have 50 or for that period you can also create that and then there is transparent pricing one product unlimited banner sales and unlimited so you can do that with one product then you have 7 50 per month pro so yeah then you can add also vpn protection meaning that like you know if people want to access some cheaper price in other locations they can't use vpn to refreshing coupons and limited products remove powered by logo api support uh so that's that uh and there you have it uh so that's super simple pricing so super interesting b2b sas product definitely give it a try uh yeah can't yeah just go and try it out if you're online creator selling courses selling products interesting idea

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