ParkMobile app - quick overview

so here is park mobile app so to install it just tap get and then you will be able to install it just by using a touch id and this is how it looks like so yeah you can download it over 3g or wi-fi a smart smarter way to park parking your convenience extend your time with one tap book parking for the big event reserve your spot ahead of time and yeah 20 million plus users park mobile is a smarter way to park easily pay for street lot or garage parking right from your mobile device you can also reserve parking ahead of time near garages and stadiums across the country park mobile is available in over 350 cities including some of the biggest cities like new york san francisco washington and yeah enters his own number on the posted signs in your area select the amount of time you want to park you can do a parking reservation um you can customize notifications say your favorite parking location store up to five cars in your account turn by turn directions and all of that you can see like enormous 1.2 million ratings in this app so that's pretty a lot so yeah you can then just open it and then uh yeah i'll just continue to it you can allow your location along notifications so something is just depending maybe you can just let's just go to i don't know um like for example if i go to to this parking zone i can choose duration by the hour and minute so i want to park for one hour saturation uh free parking and double check the parking signs around you according there is no charge for the duration you selected one hour so that's pretty neat but if i want to do two hours that's great maximum parking 7 hours what about so we want to park here so here i want to park for seven hours then i will see parking duration seven hours nine dollars 47 cents uh maximum parking follow hours so i can't park more than that and then i can just sign up and create an account with apple google and continue stat and basically a sign up to continue so that's basically the idea so that's how it works hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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