so here is part of this app sometimes it's going viral and it is actually super fun app but it is quite all already so the whole idea around this that you have some famous characters and you can just enter some text or some greeting card let's just prank your friends and then you will receive a debug like the voice of this celebrity uh so yeah let's just hear some examples of course there are so many ads yeah I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road uh so yeah something like that uh uh there are some different songs there are some recent uh then you can enter your text so for example if you want to enter your text but then unfortunately you will need to upgrade to power this Pro but we'll touch on that uh later but the whole thing about this that you can create these voice cards uh so some of them are free but majority of them unfortunately require Pro account so here you can just see celebrities but for example you can see like some texts and then here in the bottom you you can just change the name um yeah of the person and then for example this is uh yeah some okay so yeah then you can just uh then you will need to wait to see the ad unfortunately that's how it works in this app because it's free but honestly it's quite Limited in in the free version so you will need to upgrade probably if you plan to use it extensively yeah but it's not it's actually not that cheap but yeah you can play with it for a month and then probably cancel or something like that um so for example then you just see this joke and then I hope you dedicate your life to the most important thing in the universe science then you can also save save to your photos and or share on social media or give some feedback so yeah also then you can create this video messages which is pretty cool so you can see this uh video messages with your text with your congratulations to your friend or something like that which is also pretty amazing there is also like a Spanish version um so yeah then there are some helpful sections uh so there is also uh there are some there is some validation in the text any other words do not pass our validation will not be voiced in the video tab you may find the videos per the characters what's the name you enter tap on the video the form for entering the name will then appear uh moderation rules for videos are same as for audios you might enter only the real names any other words will be rejected so something like that and then there are some tips so if the character places the stress in the naming correctly you may correct it and resubmit put the plus symbol before the vowel should be stressed for example Donald Sanders so that's something like that try to write with different letter combinations if you think that the stressing or pronunciation is is incorrect so you may also try to divide or unite the letters syllables so that the name is white voiced correctly so that's what you can do here and then yeah so then there is your text you can enter that uh foreign then again you can just improve the voicing results there are some games which you can try out there are some different accounts I don't see like how many celebrities you have here in the free version you only have this and you basically you can for free you can just explore this ready phrases and then you just have your text then you just have voice cards and then you just have games then to restore account so yeah if you want to upgrade to the pro version you can easily do it here power this Pro 20 plus voices 100 plus voice card so many other interesting templates no ads and then it's like 7.99 dollars per week uh uh so yeah it's per week not per month so per month uh yeah it would be more than 30 dollars so it's pretty expensive but yeah it's worth it just to try out and to explore how it works uh yeah so super interesting app uh definitely give it a try so yeah that's basically the the idea of it uh yeah you just decide if you really want to upgrade or not uh like the other thing I don't understand like okay so now I think I'm getting it like how yeah how to delete your account or how to create your account I think there is no no way to create or delete your account you just open up the app and start using it then if you want to change the name you just change it right here so that's basically what you can do um so yeah what else like yeah unfortunately there is no like much more to explore in the free version here you will just need to upgrade in the app uh so that's what it is at this moment yes this app is uh constantly being highlighted on Tick Tock and it goes viral on Tick Tock and then like a lot of users try to use it and explore it I think it's pretty cool idea especially with all this AI features you have now like you can then automatically generate this uh text voices audio video and just adding more and more AI to it and just yeah so have fun with it so it's pretty interesting so that's what it is uh hope you enjoyed this overview you can just go to the to the App Store and search for this app here it is uh there aren't that many reviews uh yeah some people the low reviews are probably because the free version of the app is actually yeah pretty Limited uh the voices are very realistic but very pricey I feel like the first bit you have the app download it you get free Pro and then after hand effort you can choose where you uh so yeah you can see that it's pretty limited still so that's basically the idea and that's what it is uh I think it's a it's a personal like one developer app so it's pretty amazing work so yeah definitely give it a try

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