PARODIST APP - how to create an account? Quick app overview

so here's part of this app celebrity voice pranks so if you just open up this app um yeah you will see that uh yeah here is how it works uh you hear celebrities voices sound personal using jokes congratulations you're personalized audio jokes and current relations um John Johnson and then you can also create personal video messages too enter and I am uh yeah so for example John how about John I really hope you will enjoy that it's pretty cool uh so uh so then you just select your age group what's your age group uh and then you can if you want you can upgrade to priorities Pro uh 20 plus voices um uh yeah and then 100 plus uh uh voice cards so you can try that for free but there you have it now you just created your account I guess uh or uh yeah so it's super easy you can Subs upgrade here there are some games there are some voice cards then there is your text uh you may voice your custom text and all characters are available here but only some of them so yeah and then there is some new characters and this is a kind of like a social media so here you have some random text which people are reacting to and then you just have your text then you have voice cards and yeah so something like that

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