PATIO APP - how to get started?

everyone so here is patio college chat app so let's just tap to continue let's see how that works only verified members of your community can join patio which is good this current great great and discard groups to chat about anything browsing chat so here is i just need to enter the phone number so let's see if that is arriving 61953 yes so i'm successfully verified you can add profile picture or you can skip it like edit later and then what type of patches are you joining at admit college pressure if you're entering the college in fall 22 are currently enrolled in college so then you select class here select your class here so you can add you to the appropriate groups in your college basher and then here you just need to select your own your university so you can see them sorted in alphabetical order i don't have the invite actually but i'm just yeah so here you have three options admitted to college current college student or none of the above so admitted to college let's see what happens and here everywhere you need and then if none of the above you can just enter waitlist form okay let's just search then you just need to enter your university email like and then yeah you will be able to to join that group in that college so so yeah i hope that is helpful that's basically what what the bachelor is about it's like a group chat for the college where like instead of you know creating all these whatsapp groups you just have a separate app where you can track all of that just related to the college put that bachelor hang out but you need to be invited to this community so hope this quick preview was helpful thank you for watching

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