PATIO COLLEGE CHAT - app preview & how to install?

hello so here is trending app which is called bachelor passion college chat so just tap got to install it it's only 61 megabyte in size uh pull up a chair and join us on patio so yeah you just need to confirm the touch idea face id basher is a private community for your college will make it easy for college students and incoming freshmen to chat with classmates in a safe and welcoming space with especially you can join and create public approach groups easily discard all the groups at your school your detailed profiles pacio is perfect for any type of group chat clubs classes interest roommates a private community for your college all your college chats in one place discard interest clubs classes and more you can find a group create your own browse classmates profiles and share your own there's a bunch of other apps like the me loop chat like of course yik yak uh burial and but there's these chats which are specifically for for college and for school and yeah it makes just a better experience so you have a specific social app just for your school and you're not adding that to your like signal or to your telegram or whatsapp so yeah but let's just explore how this app looks like as soon as it downloads the size is just 61 megabytes so it's not that big uh and the average rating is pretty okay 6 4.6 out of 5 average review yep so yeah if you're using this app or if you have any experience with it just drop drop a comment below just interesting to to hear your opinion like what what do you think about it um yeah overall that's that uh for some reason just takes time here on my wi-fi or i don't know what happened um okay probably i'll just do another quick overview in the next video

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