Peach Video Chat app - how to create account?

hey everyone so here's the app pitch video chat live and random so to install the knife one just tap cat and it should install quickly the size is 39 megabytes so you can use your touch id to install um and then yeah if you're seeking a live connection in real time this is your app pitch live chat is full of surprises you never know who you might run into next you no longer need to wait for a match to happen just tap a button it allows you to connect instantly with millions of like-minded people near you and around the world so yep there aren't that many reviews actually uh let's just open it up and see how the sign up process looks like and how to create an account so i can just sign in with apple you need to agree to privacy policy and then you just continue with touch id and create your account so your age you just need to select your age here your gender you just you need to give access to camera and microphone and that's about it so now you can just use the beach app uh you can get some coins here for a limited time when you just create an account that's your account diamonds and then you can just start matching

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